Disney, Destiny & Decision

What would happen if an entire generation of girls were raised on Disney princess movies? And what about boys? What if they hit the investment peak of 10,000 hours in video games ahead of their 18th birthday?

Matt Walsh is a blogger who affects the moral imagination. After discovering that Nicholas Sparks is separating from his wife- yes, that Nicholas Sparks….the shaper of American romance ideals- Walsh blogged this:

We’ve got it all backwards, you see. I didn’t marry my wife because she’s The One, she’s The One because I married her. Until we were married, she was one, I was one, and we were both one of many. I didn’t marry The One, I married this one, and the two of us became one. I didn’t marry her because I was “meant to be with her,” I married her because that was my choice, and it was her choice, and the Sacrament of marriage is that choice. I married her because I love her — I chose to love her — and I chose to live the rest of my life in service to her. We were not following a script, we chose to write our own, and it’s a story that contains more love and happiness than any romantic fable ever conjured up by Hollywood.

From Disney princess themes to the recent run of Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent and Fifty Shades of Crap, we better help our kids understand the difference between reality and the emotional pretend world. If not, they’ll continue to fall under the spell of:

….a love that does not exist….

Old Fashioned Movie – New Trailer

Broken Sexuality.

The battle intensifies when you step into this topic. While the technological glitter of the world adds to the wreckage, others fight to live within God’s reality.

What’s interesting about the Old Fashioned Movie is that it continues to be paired off against the giant Fifty Shades of Grey. We are one month out from opening night (Valentine’s Day) for both movies and now, Old Fashioned has released this new trailer

Think through how you and your family can benefit from the ‘real time’ tension between God’s reality and what the world is promoting.


Winter, Kids & Technology

It’s hard to silence a reporter, it really is. But Steve Jobs managed to pull it off:

Writing in The New York Times earlier this fall, reporter Nick Bilton recalled asking Jobs when the device first came out: “So, your kids must love the iPad?”
“They haven’t used it,” he told me. “We limit how much technology our kids use at home.” Jobs’ reply left the reporter in “dumbfounded silence.”

That encounter led to similar discoveries among tech gurus and most of us are up to speed on this curious reality. What’s becoming more evident these days is the divide between more well-to-do parents and those in the lower class. A New York Post article, Why Middle Class Are Unplugging Their Kids, said:

We are all well aware of the effects of too much screen time on our own ability to concentrate and our social interactions. And we don’t want that for our kids.

Enter Winter.

Notice the mental downshifting of speed and tech adrenalin that must occur in a move from:

  • Device to Books
  • TV to Board Games
  • Video Games to Talking