‘Auto-Sympathy’- Our Kids n LGBT

A parent sent this in the other day. Notice the result of our kids growing up in a radically different culture than we did:

Our kids have grown up in the era of constant propaganda that’s very pro LGBT. We didn’t. What they feel, we don’t. What we feel, they don’t. The argument they always come with seems to be stemmed in a victim mentality, “they can’t help it – they’re born like that”. If you listen closely, our kids often echo the media’s mantra. They compare it to race, as though there is no choice or impulse involved. Where we automatically bristle at the idea of ‘no choice,’ kids are on auto-sympathy. So the direction of the conversation needs to be toward empowering and taking responsibility for behavior. We need to be careful not to shut down the conversation with hatred, but keep it going by having concern for those who’ve bought into a destructive lie, and sympathy for the damage it leaves behind.

All immorality eventually leads to destruction. No matter what our impulses are, we can choose to indulge them or not. What the media never shows about LGBT are all the injuries to the body, the long-term after effects of some of the practices, the rampant STDs and the unstable, painful relationships left in the wake. And you see all these things in heterosexual promiscuity as well. It’s important to talk about these in general terms to bring focus to God’s protection through the boundaries he asks us to live by.

‘Auto-Sympathy’ is a term to repeatedly re-insert into our brains until we get it. Our knee jerk reaction to the world is often a 180 from the way our kids view it.

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