“No Rescue” Parenting

Hyper parenting is in, traditional parenting is out. So how does today’s parent step back and assess the landscape? How do we make minor adjustments, so as to parent better?

An excellent article, with embedded video, defines four types of parents:

Tiger Parent – Strict rules and high expectations

Helicopter Parent – Hovering over all aspects of a child’s life

Snowplow Parent – Removing every obstacle that stands in the child’s way

No Rescue Parent – Allowing kids to fail, experiences obstacles and feel consequences

The saying, “a child who always forgets has a parent who always remembers,” captures the essence of how we’ve gone too far. In our hovering tendency, we often deal with the symptoms while ignoring the underlying problems. If a child has a one time mistake, no big deal. But repeated patterns can often be reinforced by our cultural tendencies to bail them out.

Check out the article and short video here: No Rescue Parenting.



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