How to Create a Family Technology Plan, Part II

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain


Guest blogger Kelli O’Dell joins us again today:

If We Can Do It, Anyone Can

Does drafting a family tech plan sound like fun to you? Me neither.

If you’re like me, you don’t even have a plan for tonight’s dinner, much less an all-encompassing family technology plan.

But I promised in an earlier post that I would do it. And provide “full-disclosure”. So I will; tactical steps first, colorful responses last…

Three Starter Steps

  1. Make an appointment. Ours: “Monday night at 7pm”.
  2. Pick a plan. We discovered blogger Ryan Smith at and read his  “Tech Plan Starters”, a list of suggested items to include on our plan, together. For other plan options, check out this site.
  3. Make it specific to your family’s unique needs. We filled in the blanks on one of Smith’s free, downloadable and editable templates.

That’s right. Did it, done. With the planning part…

Simple. Not easy.


As we all know, having a plan is not the same as doing a plan.

It took us approximately 40 minutes to hammer out our plan. Two parents, two teenage boys and 6 devices between us later:

“Touchy subject. It’s like our devices are places we store our friendships, and it feels like you’re messing with my friendships, but this was good because I think we worked through wrong assumptions on both sides.” -son, age 14

“It was just super boring. And at an inconvenient time. I want to go play soccer and now we’re almost out of daylight. I don’t care if you have my pass code. I already deleted SnapChat and if you just  start following me on Instagram you’ll see everything.” -son, age 13

Progress Not Perfection

Well, we did it. Was it pretty or fun? No. And we expect a bumpy ride and a fall now and then, but at least we have a saddle on the horse. And if you aren’t a fan of metaphor, the horse is technology and the saddle is the family technology plan.

Does your family have a technology plan? What successes or challenges have you experienced?

4 thoughts on “How to Create a Family Technology Plan, Part II

  1. Crazy lady says:

    who is this horrible guest-blogger?!
    Your blog has really gone down-hill since she’s been included.

    Pictures of tattooed women with coffee cups? And pagan quotes instead of scripture?

    Haven’t you ever heard of “5 degrees of separation “? Try like 10 with her.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Thanks for the helpful info, KO! We have a lot of restrictions with the kids and their phones, but don’t technically have a family plan. Definitely something to think about.

  3. Crazy about this lady says:

    I was there, and I can corroborate this story… except no one with tattoos was present. Actually, interruptions provided by the tattooed eldest son… but he wasn’t drinking coffee.

    Also… the greatest guest blogger in the history of blogs!!!

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