What Kids Say About Their Parent’s Technology Habits

The consistent feedback from students is that parents are constantly on their own screens. Whether it’s work-related pressure (laptop and phone email at night) or regular, disruptive “checking,” parents live in the same world with similar patterns as their children.

Business mother speaking over the cellphone, with two kids

Business mother speaking over the cellphone, with two kids

Here’s an authentic test. Create some type of plan to limit your own technology use without broadcasting it to the world. Just try it for a week. You’ll learn more than you care to….

My wife and I are doing no-tech when we first get up and no-tech the hour before bed. I agreed to it easy enough. What could be so difficult about that? Right?

Pick one from the list and see if you can pull it off for a week:

  • Using the phone for calls only
  • 1st hour, last hour….no tech
  • No social media
  • No TV
  • No tech, no radio while in the car

After wrestling through your own stuff, you’ll parent better….especially if you hold yourself to the same standards that you’re imposing on your kids.

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