Gender Trends, Online Friends & the Soul of Your Child

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Parents know that technology is accelerating and threatening to engulf their adolescents. Yet the magnitude and implications of today’s trends remain difficult to imagine. The heart, mind, and healthy gender of your child is at stake. Can young men enter the passive land of boys & toys without being trapped until age 30? Can young girls wield the power of social networking without cementing their personalities as controllers and manipulators? Can either withstand the trickle down from the adult and college culture where sexuality is a human right, divorced from any meaningful type of relationship? iParent identifies the trends, alerts us to their exponential speed, and offers practical wisdom in leading our kids through perilous times.

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“With the increased presence of social media and available technology, parenting has become a complex challenge. Kids used to be the outsiders growing up into our world, and now we often feel like the outsiders trying to get a foothold in their world. If your head is spinning, you need this book! It will help you come up to speed and transform your parental perspectives.”
– Joseph M. Stowell President, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“Read this book. It doesn’t raise fear or point fingers. Instead, iParent fosters a healthy concern over current trends in gender roles and social media that influence not just the current generation of young adults, but possibly several to come. Parents – use iParent as a catalyst to talk with your children about social media, technology, dating and understanding biblical manhood and womanhood. I am.”

– Chris D., Amazon User

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