Man Made

Reclaiming The Passage From Boy to Man

Man Made cover

How does a boy become a man? Is it age? Acquiring the right stuff? Earning a degree? Having sex? Landing a good job? Getting married? Our boys are bombarded with instant answers through dazzling technology. Answers from powerful influencers that litter the path to manhood with misconceptions and appealing substitutes. More than ever, boys are getting lost in an eternal boy-land. Does your boy have what it takes to become a man? Of course. All boys do. A boy’s journey to manhood is forged through life’s tensions. That’s where risk-taking and courage are born. It’s a journey that requires—you. Man Made identifies and develops five stages of a boy’s life. Each stage offers a key concept and several suggested experiences to consider as you and your son customize his manhood journey. His progress is man-made.

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“This is a great book that draws men to be intentional about teaching their boys how to become men through each stage. It is a very easy read with great ideas that will help you take what you read and implement it in your son’s life. I would highly recommend this book to any dad or grandpa who wants to raise a boy to be a Godly man.”

– Adam, Amazon User

“I loved this book! The writing is splendid and the stories of men and their sons are relevant, humorous, and eye-opening. It is a quick read and it covers various age groups to meet the needs of fathers as they seek to help their sons at each stage of life. There are many good and practical ideas so men don’t have to wonder what to do. I wish there was more to help women like me who had to raise a son during some crucial years without a dad around, but it sure inspired me to be purposeful in obtaining the help of some strong men of integrity who will come alongside to do the things this book suggests. I would highly recommend this book for all dads who want to be deliberate in raising great men.”

– Eruditis, Amazon User

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