Let God Use Your Influence

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Here’s a gift for volunteers that will ignite their passion for students. Packed with powerful stories, practical skills, and tons of ideas you can use right now, YOUthwork provides both the energy and substance for helping people invest in students.

Discover hard-won insights and proven strategies for: discipling students, sponsoring groups, running life-changing trips, dealing with crisis and deviance, raising money, breaking through the “I’m not interested” barrier, and more.

Not enough time to fully train your volunteers? Hand them a copy of YOUthwork and watch them catch the vision and invest their gifts in helping students follow Jesus Christ as Lord.

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“Simply put, this book changed my life. Don’s gut level honesty not only covers the “big” areas of youth ministry, but every intimate detail, to which every youth worker, whether full-time paid, or volunteer can relate to. I left the book with a much deeper passion for students, and I am generating ideas every day to turn my dreams into reality with my group of students. Don uses some great stories from his 25+ years of experience to help bring the book to life. After reading the book, I couldn’t resist buying a $20.00 tin of popcorn from the Boy Scouts who were standing outside in the cold.”

– M. Wish, Amazon User

“Don and Paul have hit it on the head! This book is both encouraging and informational. Encouraged me to stick with Youth work, and reminded and excited me in the real reason that I am there as a volunteer. Informational in that it comes out of experience, and could keep you from making mistakes in your youth program. Practical ideas and suggestions to help your youth group have an impact. It’s a great book for all youth workers that will enhance your efforts.”

– Tim “Tim”, Amazon User

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