Technology Increases the Speed of Change

Parents no longer have the luxury of using past experience when it comes to shaping the lives of their children. Technology is the game changer.

speed of change chart

On the chart above you’ll notice how long it took to adopt various technologies. At one extreme it took 36 years for radio to reach it’s fifty-millionth listener. Thirty-six years! Contrast that to Facebook, who signed up twice that number in a mere nine months. Speed is speeding up. And with it, culture moves with rapid- fire change.

There is nothing in our own teenage experience that compares to maintaining six detailed conversations at the same time, from a device that is always on and always on us.

Today’s savvy parent must interact with ever-changing technology, asking deep questions and striving for a genuine, authentic lifestyle:

What is technology doing to me personally?
How does it tend to magnify pre-existing issues?
How is it affecting my relationships, my productivity?
What is tech’s impact on my solitude and my walk with the Lord?

Once we begin to process (on a daily basis) we can enter the ever-changing landscape of the adolescent world with it’s mobile and social networking.